Sunday, April 5, 2009

Electro Hip Hop Era


N.Y.C. Cutter - DJ Cuttin (Pop Art)

Picture this. Your twelve years old and have watched Beat Street and Style Wars on the regular since you were six. You have just got your first set of turntables with a mixer. The only records I have are the ones I stole from my parents and a copy of RUN DMC's first LP. It's a saturday afternoon and your older cousin shows up with about a dozen records for you. That was me on the afternoon and I still have everyone record I was given that day. I could still tell you everyone in the pile, but I will save that for another post. The record shown is N.Y.C. Cutter - Dj Cuttin recorded on Pop Art, which was a small label out of Philadelphia. If you look under the artist name it says M. Williams, who is also known to most as Marley Marl.

Are You Experienced??????


T Swift & The Electric Bag - Take It Easy Baby (Custom Records)

I picked up this album about 7 years ago at a record show. The picture on cover was the first to catch my attention, then I noticed the album title. Are You Experienced was the title for guitar god Jimi Hendrix's first album. I know little or nothing about T Swift & The Electric Bag, but i do know they can play music. T Swift's cover of Are You Experienced is pretty close to the Hendrix version. The audio below is a cover song, originally recorded by the Yardbird's. The album was released on Custom Records in 1968. If you wanna hear more you can pick it up on CD, but as always i recommend hunting down an OG copy on vinyl.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Showing Muddy Love


Muddy Waters - You Need Love

If you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, then i'm sure that you know the song Whole Lotta Love. After Zeppelin recorded the song it was covered by Dennis Coffey, King Curtis, and the C.C.S. Band. Led Zeppelin were big fan's of blues music and when you listen to this track you will know why. The original track was recorded by Muddy Waters. Muddy was one of the first musicians on Chess records, which was founded in the 1950's in Chicago. If you wanna check out more music by Muddy Waters, I would look for Electric Mud and After The Rain.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Shit Is Dirty


Slim Willis Band - I Sayed That

I picked this 7 inch up off a friend a couple years back. The label says Greenville, Mississippi. After asking someone with alot of knowledge in funk records I was told Slim Willis was a blues man from Chicago. This record may have been recorded in the worst studio ever. That's why I said it's DIRTY.

Faces (1968)


Charlie Smalls - Never Felt Like This Before

I originally was told about the movie "Faces" by John Cassavete from my friend Ev. He told me that I should pick up the Criterion Collection box set which included "Faces". I have yet to pick up the box set. About a year ago i was at a local record shop and found an original copy of the soundtrack for $1. I have selected what I feel is the best track off the soundtrack. ENJOY

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Got That


The other night i was going through my record collection with a friend and selected ten songs for your listening pleasure. ENJOY

1. Vester - What You Did For Me (Blake)
2. Harlem River Drive - Harlem River Drive (Roulette)
3. Johnny Harris - Fragments Of Fear (Warner Brothers)
4. Al Hirt - Harlem Hendoo (RCA)
5. Quinn Harris & Masterminds - Stop Telling Me Lies (Reynolds)
6. Michael Jackson - Maria (Motown)
7. The Capprells - Walk On By (Bano)
8. The Electric Prunes - Holy Are You (Reprise)
9. Muddy Waters - I'm A Man (Cadet)
10. The Rubber Band - Little Miss Lover (GRT)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DJ Save Stop Motion


This is a stop motion short that my friends Evil Ev and John Tabs filmed in 2002. The video was shot with a 16MM camera and shot one frame at a time. Enjoy